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Photoshop boasts many impressive and exciting features, and in recent years they have introduced some amazing new features, like vector layers, Content Aware Patch/Move tool, Adaptive Wide Angle filter, Crop tool, and so much more.

Adobe has not tried to replace Illustrator, but if you need creative, simple shapes for use in design projects, then Vector Layers of Photoshop can do a superb job without making you switch to other applications.

The Crop tool hasn’t really improved since Photoshop CS, but in the latest version of Photoshop, it comes with major changes. This step-by-step guide demonstrates how to use this tool, which has received a modern overhaul.

Adobe has enhanced Photoshop’s Layers panel, considering the feedback from users and adding the options popular in other applications like After Effects. For example, it allows changing the blending mode, fill and opacity of different layers simultaneously. Just select the respective layers prior making changes and it is done.

Cropping is a powerful tool, which can make a big difference in the look of any image. The Crop Tool in Photoshop includes lots of major enhancements to make it work even better. This tutorial focuses on the new features introduced in the Crop Tool and helps us learning how to use it more productively.

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